Create,Buy,Sell YouTube competitions.

fliper aims to create a community where anyone can create, buy and sell YouTube competition based on the channel they love

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Market Update

trending YouTubers
# Name item created 24h % total sale Last 7 Days
mr beast
654 +1.45% $4,582 profit chart
dj snake
754 -5.12% $832 loss chart
203 +1.45% $882 profit chart
64 -3.75%% $880 loss chart
Collins key
764 +1.45% $2560 profit chart
84 -2.22% $933 loss chart
Justin Bieber
609 +0.8% $902 profit chart
Logan Alexander
354 +1.41% $582 profit chart

How It Works

We aim to become the biggest hub for hosting YouTube quiz and competition. create a wide variety of competition for users to pick from.

  • Step 1

    Engage with creator content

    it's starting by you paying full attention to the content of your favorite creators and so you can easily win prize points in the competition

  • Step 2

    Buy a competition

    After watching YouTube video of your creators and you are sure you know enough to enter a competition then you can purchase any quiz of your choice and start playing

  • Step 3

    create your own competition

    create quiz based on the YouTube you Love and grow your community with daily tips and a supportive community.

  • Step 4

    Earn Money

    start earning as soon as people start playing in your competitions so it is important to build a community around your quiz brand create prices and token that is associated with your brand.

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What Is Fliperapp

Fliperapp is a web3 project that aim to create a robust market place where people who want more form YouTube can connect, create and build community that rewards YouTube fanatics

  • View which creator has the highest quiz engagement

    experience exciting and lovely competition and view which creators are trending in the always bubbling YouTube space.

  • Buy competition of the Creator's you Love

    Experience a variety beautifully crafted competitions all powered by artificial intelligence.

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Our Promise

as soon as we get to 100,000 users we are going to implement the following:

  • enable you buy and sell your creator quiz prizes as token.

    We are going to create a robust exchange where prizes won in the competition can be sold and bought.

  • lunch an app

    We are going to launch an app version as soon as we reach 100,000 users to give you more control and access to exciting competitions.

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